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System Setup 13

This sections helps you through setting up sites and department, Administrative Users, branding and all system level requirements.

  1. Admin Users – Edit
  2. Logging In
  3. Positions – New
  4. Contractor Categories – Edit

Contractor Module 18

This section helps with all the functions in the Contractors Modules including, search filtering, adding new contractors, viewing and reporting.

  1. Managing Safety and General Documents
  2. Contractor Active Status Definitions
  3. Contractor Status Definitions
  4. Linking Users to Contractors

Learning Management 18

This section helps with all the functions in the Learning Management Module including adding new courses, new trainees, viewing and reporting.

  1. Course – Allocate to Trainee
  2. Making a Trainee Inactive
  3. Understanding Trainee Views
  4. Training Status Definitions

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